On June 1, the Hunterdon County Board of Chosen Freeholders received notification that the Hunterdon County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) had been approved by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (USEDA).  The year-long CEDS development process, involving more than 40 private sector organizations and more than 200 individuals, resulted in the recently approved County Comprehensive Plan that will guide Hunterdon County in assuring its future economic prosperity.


The completed Plan was submitted to the USEDA in January, at which time behind the-scenes efforts began to support the Plan’s implementation. Following actions recommended within the Plan, the Freeholder Board has included in the 2015 budget a position for an Economic Development professional to lead the rollout efforts.


Six focus areas were identified within the Plan:  Business Attraction & Retention, Infrastructure, Transportation, Municipal Outreach, Education and Eco/Agro-Tourism.  Focus area subcommittee members from both the private and public sectors will be sought to partner with the Freeholders and the Economic Development professional as they work together to revitalize Hunterdon County’s economy.  Implementation of the Plan will enhance our ability to attract young families and professionals, renew our historic town centers and promote our recreational opportunities.


The first focus of the project will be to prioritize objectives within the action plan that can be accomplished within 6-12 months.  A public meeting is being planned to announce more specifics to the public.


To get more information or to sign up for the County’s Comprehensive Plan Newsletter, visit the CEDS website,