Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns, III, announced that a three month joint undercover
investigation between the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office, New Jersey U.S. Drug Enforcement
Administration-Tactical Diversion Squad and New Jersey Office of the Attorney General-DCA
Enforcement Bureau, Dr. Jay Kuris of Flemington voluntarily surrendered his Drug Enforcement Agency
registration on January 12, 2018.
According to Prosecutor Kearns, “In August 2017, Dr. Kuris was found guilty of eight counts of violating
multiple provisions of the Uniform Enforcement Act, including, without limitation, engaging in
gross negligence, engaging in repeated acts of negligence and indiscriminate prescribing.

On August
30, 2017 members of the New Jersey State Medical Board convened and agreed to continue the
temporary suspension of Dr. Kuris’ controlled substance prescribing ability based on the facts as
outlined in the investigation. Dr. Kuris’ prescribing privileges were suspended previously on August 7,
2017. As part of this hearing, conditions were set by the Board of Medical Examiners that this
suspension was to remain in effect pending the completion of plenary proceedings in this matter. In
addition, Dr. Kuris was prohibited from directing any other health care professional with prescriptive
authorization to prescribe, administer and/or dispense any and all controlled dangerous substances to any
of Dr. Kuris’ patients.”

Prosecutor Kearns added, “Due to the continued coordination between Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s
Office and the Drug Enforcement Agency, on January 12, 2018 Dr. Kuris voluntarily surrendered his
DEA registration to members of the New Jersey Division DEA Tactical Diversion Squad and Hunterdon
County Prosecutor’s Office. By voluntarily surrendering his DEA registration, the doctor surrendered his
rights to prescribe and/or write out prescriptions for controlled substances. Dr. Kuris is not allowed to
prescribe controlled substances again until he has met all administrative responsibilities as dictated by the
State Board of Medical Examiners and Drug Enforcement Agency.”