HUNTERDON COUNTY Polytech’s Art Students Prepared to Showcase their Work to Community

Students in Polytech’s Commercial Arts & Advertising Design and 3D Computer Animation programs will be involved in four art exhibits and competitions over the next six weeks, all of which will be open to the public for viewing.

In addition, students from the Graphic Design program that have been named to the National Art Honor Society will also be participating in several of the events. The works range from acrylic painting and charcoal to digital paintings and mosaic-tiled shoes. The events will take place at the following dates and locations: March 11-13 at Hillsborough Township Municipal Building, March 12-13 at Beneduce Vineyards from 12-8 on Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday, March 17 from 4:30-6:30 at Del Val High School, and from April 19-May 1 at Hunterdon Art Museum. Hunterdon Art Museum is closed Mondays.

“Having the students participate in these exhibits and competitions provides them a platform through which they can expose the community to both traditional fine art and digital illustration and design.  The competitive aspect of these events is also important, as it allows the students to understand how judges are viewing their works and what elements of their pieces are being critiqued,” said Mrs. Diaz, instructor of Polytech’s Commercial Arts & Advertising Design and 3D Computer Animation programs.

This is the first year these events are being held, and the students are excited to have their work showcased to the public. “This is going to be a valuable opportunity to have the community view our work and receive input and opinions from professionals,” said Chris Terepka, a junior in Mrs. Diaz’s Commercial Arts & Advertising Design.

To learn more about the exhibitions being held over the next few weeks, visit our website at, visit the “HS Programs” tab, and click on “Programs of Study.” From there, you can select either the 3D Computer Animation I & II section, or the Commercial Arts & Advertising I & II section. Both sections will have a file named “Press Art Exhibits” that contains times, dates, and locations for all planned exhibits. If you have any questions regarding the exhibits or Mrs. Diaz’s programs, you contact her at