Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns III, and Chief of Detectives John J. Kuczynski
announces the recent Security and Risk Mitigation training attended by law enforcement
members, faith based leaders, and support staff. The purpose of the training was to promote
safety and security for houses of worship. On Tuesday, over 80 attendees met at Saint
Magdalen’s Parish Center in Flemington to formulate plans and strategies to improve security
measures at houses of worship.
The Prosecutor’s security initiative was established to address security concerns for houses of
worship, religious community centers and classrooms. The focus of this initiative is to promote
awareness, mitigate risks, and address appropriate security and response protocols to incidents
and crisis.

The Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Safe Campus Initiative established uniform Standard
Response Protocols for emergencies in schools throughout Hunterdon County. Since 2012, the
Prosecutor’s Office has trained school administrators, teachers, students, and staff members to
adopt common language and responses to various types of school related emergencies, including
active shooter events. These security initiatives are now being expanded to include Hunterdon’s
business community and faith based organizations.
The presentation was organized in partnership with One Voice of Hunterdon and the Safe
Communities Coalition of Hunterdon-Somerset and was hosted by Saint Magdalen’s De Pazzi
Roman Catholic Church.

Prosecutor Kearns stated, “We can not ignore the potential for violence perpetrated against
peaceful citizens while practicing their faith. We have an obligation to bring forth measures to
assist faith based organizations to be better prepared to deal with these types of crisis.”
Lt. Kevin Burd of the Hunterdon County Prosecutors conducted the presentation that focused on
the response to crimes and violence committed at houses of worship. Clergy, staff and volunteers
were provided information on reducing their risks and how they might respond to respond to
crime and violence.
Included in the presentation was direction on how to access resources and materials specifically
designed for the religious institutions by FEMA, Department of Homeland Security and the New
Jersey Office of Homeland Security.
The presentation was attended by a diverse group of faith based representatives. The opening
prayer was conducted by Deacon David Ucinas of St. Magdalens. Prosecutor Kearns, Lesley
Gable, CEO of Prevention Resources and the Project Director for the Safe Communities
Coalition, along with Father Harry Mazujian of Flemington’s Calvary Episcopal Church, spoke
about the One Voice initiative and its commitment to bring together law enforcement and our
faith based leaders to address problems affecting our community.

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Prosecutor Kearns and Chief Kuczynski jointly stated, “We are grateful to Father Kenneth
Brighenti of Saint Magdalen’s De Pazzi Roman Catholic Church for allowing us the use the
Parish Center to bring our faith based community together to address these important issues.
Together with One Voice, we are committed to addressing matters that affect the quality of life
here in Hunterdon.”