Hunterdon County Ranks Top Tipping County in New Jersey for lyft

New Jersey residents spend a significant amount of time in cars traveling the nearly 9,000 square miles of the state, whether they’re heading to the shore, out to the mountains, or just around their neighborhood. All of that is possible because of Lyft’s driver community: the tens of thousands of people who are able to earn valuable income on their own schedule by driving with Lyft. Those drivers provide a safe and reliable ride on demand throughout the state – and New Jersey residents continue to show their appreciation through their generosity.

 As the first rideshare company to offer in-app tipping, Lyft recently announced that its drivers had received over 250 million dollars in tips. Lyft New Jersey took a look at the tipping habits throughout the state, examining which counties have the highest percent of tippers, and the results are in:

  1. Hunterdon County
  2. Cape May County
  3. Sussex County
  4. Monmouth County
  5. Warren County

Here’s a statement from Ann Ferracane, General Manager of Lyft New Jersey, that you can use in your coverage: “Lyft is proud to have been the first rideshare company to allow in-app tipping, allowing passengers to recognize and appreciate drivers and to ensure drivers can earn more. New Jersey residents are generous and the passenger, driver community Lyft promotes helps encourage more opportunities for generosity.”