Hunterdon County Towns of Clinton and Califon Looking to Reduce Electricity Rates for Residents

Officials in the Borough of Califon and Town of Clinton are in the process of pursuing a way to
reduce electrical costs for their residents through a Government Energy Aggregation (GEA)
program. The towns will be among 50 other municipalities throughout the state who have
adopted similar successful programs in recent years.
The program, created in 2012 by the N.J. Board of Public Utilities and the Division of Rate
Counsel, is designed to help people take advantage of energy deregulation and cut energy costs.
“Aggregation” refers to customers who form a group to purchase energy.
In 2017, seven towns throughout Warren and Sussex County joined together for a very successful program which began in March, and in October, Green and Frelinghuysen Townships joined the same group.

There is no cost to municipalities to offer this program, and the
municipalities do not receive compensation. “This is an option we are providing to our residents
to save some money. I really do not understand why other municipalities are not participating.”,
said Stanhope Mayor Rosemarie Maio.
Currently, Califon and the Town of Clinton have agreed to team up on the process, and three
other municipalities in Hunterdon County are already in discussions about joining as
well. Califon has taken the lead in establishing the Hunterdon program, and Mayor Charles
Daniel stated, “Giving our residents an opportunity to reduce costs is a no brainer. Why
wouldn’t we do this?”

The program does not change any services currently provided by JCP&L. Meter readings,
billing, emergency services, etc., remain the responsibility of the utility company. The rate for
the supply of the electric is what is lowered, and residents see the reduction directly on their
JCP&L bill. Additionally, the program offers consumer protections that residents may not be
able to get on their own such as no fees and penalties, and they don’t have to worry about the
fine print that comes along with individual third-party supply contracts.
An extensive residential outreach program will be held once an auction is completed and the
new rates can be announced. Residents will have time to hear about the program and make
their decision about whether to participate at the reduced rate or not. All information about the
program will be posted on the municipalities’ websites and at www.njaggregation/us/haec.