Hunterdon Freeholders Freeze County Spending and Tax Rate Again

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The Hunterdon County Freeholder Board, on Tuesday evening, gave final approval to the 2017 county budget that represents no increase in either spending or the tax rate again this year.

It is the fourth consecutive year the Freeholders have brought in both a flat budget and a 30.89 cent county tax rate.


The adopted 2017 budget of $88,761,819 is actually slightly lower than the

$88,764,948, 2016 plan.

Freeholder Director John Lanza said during the budget public hearing, “Holding the line on spending again this year required team work among the Freeholders and the county Departments, Boards and Constitutional Officers.  It demonstrates the Freeholders’ commitment to fiscal restraint.”

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Lanza added, “I want to particularly recognize Prosecutor Anthony Kearns for his work to achieve a flat funded budget for his office this year.  We see in the news many instances around the state where Prosecutor Offices are at odds with Freeholder Boards on the issue of spending.   Many Prosecutors have sought significant budget increases to deal with the new bail reform process.

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Here in Hunterdon County, Prosecutor Kearns, has implemented adjustments attributable to bail reform, while holding the line on spending and continuing to deliver outstanding service.  He is due our appreciation for working with us and the taxpayers of Hunterdon County.”


The Prosecutor’s budget is $4.8 million for salaries and other costs. The same amount was budgeted in 2016.

Lanza pointed out, “Thanks to the county’s implementation of

shared services and other efficiencies, including reducing staff through the implementation of technology over the past few years, the 2017 budget is even lower the county’s 2006 spending plan. That is a record hard for any other county in New Jersey to match.”


2006 County Budget $93,420,355

2017 County Budget $88,761,819

The full budget is available at