Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation Receives $10,000 CVS Health Community Grant

Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation announced today that it has received a $10,000 CVS Health Community Grant in support of the Visiting Health and Supportive Services Telehealth Program (VHSS). The Community Grants Program was created by CVS Health as part of its commitment to building healthier communities and the grants support nonprofit organizations that provide much-needed access to health care for at-risk and underserved populations.


The support from CVS Health will help Hunterdon Healthcare’s VHSS division purchase monitoring devices that allow medical staff to remotely track the vital statistics and health status of patients suffering from acute and/or chronic illness.  VHSS has been providing in-home health support services to those in need since 1958.  By educating families and caregivers and helping them cope with the healthcare challenges created by acute and chronic disease and aging, VHSS support services allow patients to live at home rather than being forced to move to an institutional setting.


VHSS will utilize this grant to purchase additional monitors which will enable them to reach more at-risk patients for a telehealth program. Once purchased, VHSS staff will be trained to identify appropriate patients for the devices, help install devices in patient homes, train patients and their families on use, and provide important communication and education to local physicians regarding the benefits of the program.  Based upon previous results, we anticipate that extending the program to VHSS’s at-risk individuals will reduce acute care hospitalization and decrease overall cost of care for members of the Hunterdon community.


Pilot programs using this technology have shown tangible and significant results including a decrease in the hospital readmission rate for patients diagnosed with Heart Failure treated by Home Health from 27% in the fourth quarter of 2012 to less than 11% in the first quarter of 2015.


According to Cathleen Siessel, RN, BC, Director, VHSS, “The Telehealth monitoring system gives patients and their loved ones the comfort that their health is being monitored by a registered nurse. It is ideal for patients with chronic illness, unstable conditions and with congestive heart failure. The monitor has helped to reduce repeat hospitalizations and helps to instill a sense of confidence and control in patients who utilize the system.  We are grateful to CVS for recognizing the importance of this program.”


“As a pharmacy innovation company, we are committed to helping people on their path to better health. We are proud to support organizations that increase access to quality health care because we know their efforts are critical to delivering better community health,” said Eileen Howard Boone, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy, CVS Health. “We are pleased to support the work that Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation does in the community and we look forward to working with them to fulfill their program’s mission.”


Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation was selected to receive a grant through the CVS Health Community Grants 2015 application process. Grants were awarded to organizations, such as community health centers and mobile health clinics, which support CVS Health’s commitment to enhance the health and well-being for at-risk and underserved populations by offering quality health and rehabilitation services and health education. The goal of the CVS Health Community Grants Program is to provide relief for both adults and children who lack medical insurance and help ensure they receive the proper medical care they need.