Hunterdon Healthcare Offers Innovative Stem Cell Therapy for Pain Management

Hunterdon Healthcare Offers Innovative Stem Cell Therapy for Pain Management

Deb Weber, 55 of Holland Township loves to garden and keep active.  Almost a year ago, she started to experience a stabbing pain radiating from in her back.  The pain was so debilitating that she was unable to do the things she enjoyed like gardening. Bending over even became difficult as she was in excruciating pain.   Her physician diagnosed her with a herniated disc.  She tried physical therapy, which wasn’t helping to alleviate the pain.  Her Physical Therapist suggested she visit Hunterdon Healthcare’s Center for Advanced Pain Management and look into alternative therapies that might help.

Ms. Weber met with William Bentley, DO, an Anesthesiologist who specializes in Pain Management.  Dr. Bentley suggested she try a newer procedure called Regenerative Therapy.    “Regenerative medicine is enhancing your body’s own ability to heal and restore function following an injury or a chronic problem. It uses naturally occurring properties that direct cellular metabolism towards tissue regeneration or healing. While stem cells have been used for decades to treat a variety of diseases, their application in the treatment of pain is relatively new,” explained Dr. Bentley.  Dr. Bentley went on to say, “A special needle is used to gather the bone marrow from a bone called the Iliac crest (hip) which is able to collect a high concentration of stem cells from the patient’s marrow.  The newly concentrated stems cells are then injected into the problematic area to stimulate cell regeneration.”

The benefits of Regenerative Therapy are:

·        Decreased pain

·        Quicker recovery time

·        Alternative to surgical intervention

·        Increased healing potential

·        Elimination of long term medication

Ms. Weber is at week five of post treatment, it could take up to six months to see complete results.  “My quality of life is getting better.  I was not able to bend easily and now I can without pain.  I can garden once again and enjoy things I have missed because of the pain,” stated Ms. Weber.

Following a cell based therapy injection, a patient can expect a decrease in pain and an increase in strength and stability.  Most patients only require a single injection. As with all orthopedic treatments, the results will vary. “Most patients can expect to return to pre injection activities within 72 hours. Our hope is that our patient will experience an improvement in his/her symptoms at three weeks. The body will continue to work and heal itself faster for up to six months following the injection,” Dr. Bentley explained.

Cell based therapy has shown great promise in treating the following conditions:

·        Lumbar Disc Regeneration

·        Osteoarthritis

·        Neuropathy

·        Ligament Injuries

·        Tendonitis

·        Muscle Sprains and Strains

·        Non-Healing Fractures

·        Plantar fasciitis

·        Sports Injuries

To learn more about regenerative therapy and to see if you would be an ideal candidate, call the Center for Advanced Pain Management at 908-788-6410.

Pictured: Deb Weber is enjoying life and even Fall clean up thanks to Regenerative Therapy she received through Hunterdon Healthcare’s Center for Pain Management.  To learn more, call the Center for Advanced Pain Management at 908-788-6410.