HUNTERDON POLYTECH Pre-Nursing student learns in class, applies it to a rescue that afternoon

A student in Polytech High School’s Pre-Nursing program was able to help a woman in need, thanks to classroom training she received earlier that day. Katie Bodder, a junior, approached a woman who was confused, used specific skills to calm and question her, and called for police assistance – just like she was taught.

It all happened the same day nursing instructor Loraine Skeahan worked through the steps of critical thinking in a medical environment. Katie went from school to her job in the pro shop at Oakhill Golf Course in Holland Township, where she happened to observe a woman wandering outside. She spoke with her and quickly realized the woman was not only confused, but increasingly agitated.

The woman couldn’t provide her name or identify where she lived. Katie talked to her calmly, stayed on the scene, and persisted with gentle questions while calling the police. The information she collected helped officers take over the situation.

“The skills I learned through Hunterdon County Polytech allowed me to act in a responsible and safe manner during the situation,” Katie said. “Because of the problem-solving skills that I obtained in class, I was able to successfully care for the woman without imposing any threat to her mental or physical state.”

The Pre-Nursing program gives students a chance to practice nursing techniques using medical equipment such as a human patient simulator. Katie is a step ahead, having put her learning to use on a person who truly needed immediate help.