HUNTERDON POLYTECH Students Speak Out on the Hunterdon Chamber Radio

Polytech students are speaking out on the Hunterdon Chamber Internet Radio station. The Chamber gave Polytech students who are enrolled in Teaching Academy and Animal Technologies, an opportunity to talk about their programs on the radio on two different shows. Richard Gerster, the host of “As I See It”, interviewed two Teaching Academy students, Abbie Kolvites and Andrew Reichert on April 14. They had just competed at the NJ Star Event competitions winning gold medals, qualifying them to compete in the FFCLA National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. in July.  They were excited to share about their competition, but also about the Teaching Academy program as well as the many community service and fundraiser activities that they have been a part of. Mr. Gerster shared that his own children are teachers and that there is always a need for good teachers. After an hour long show, his advice to Abbie and Andrew was “absorb everything you can andyour possibilities will be endless”.

Cathy Sauer is the host of “All About Animals” on the Hunterdon Chamber Internet Radio. On April 24, she interviewed five Animal Technology students; Tim Pittenger is in the Small Animal Program and the remaining four students are in Large Animal Program; Lacey Kappus, Veronica Lees, Mary Rachel and Lara Watrous. As Ms. Sauer asked questions, students had the opportunity to talk about their program curriculum, their favorite experiences in the classroom and FFA, their student organization. Several students shared their most memorable animal stories. Ms. Sauer is the owner of Chasing Dreams, which provides canine and equine holistic and alternative therapies. She was able to connect to the student’s passion for taking care of animals, both large and small.  As the students shared their hopes for the future, her advice to the students was “ Keep going to school, it’s always a great thing”.

To listen to the Hunterdon Chamber Internet Radio shows, visit and click on the date of the show.  For more information about Polytech’s Teaching Academy and Animal Technologies programs, visit, or call 908-788-1119 x 2009.