HUNTERDON Polytech Students Think Globally, Collaborate to Assist African Wildlife Orphanage


Students in Polytech’s Graphic Design, Animal Science, and Early Childhood Education programs are working together to help the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This past summer, Animal Science instructor Ms. Taryn Romanczak spent time volunteering at Chipangali, working with the animals and immersing herself in a culture radically different from our own.


During her time there, she recognized an opportunity to help the orphanage by collaborating with the aforementioned Polytech programs. “Chipangali is an amazing place that truly utilizes every resource they have to its fullest potential. As soon as I realized Polytech would be able to assist them in some way, I was excited to get to work and introduce the students to entirely new concepts and a foreign culture,” said Ms. Romanczak. The programs will be collaborating to create educational materials for Chipangali’s Environmental Programs Involving Children (EPIC) Kids program.


The outreach program visits schools in Bulawayo and other nearby areas in order to education children about wildlife conservation. To date, over 350,000 children from 250 schools have attended an EPIC Kids lecture. Earlier this year, the classes joined together for a Skype video call with Chipangali, where they were able to see the various animals housed at the orphanage and learn more about the people that work to make it successful.


“It’s rewarding to see our students work together to help people they will probably never meet in the name of a worthy cause,” said Dr. Kimberly Metz, Superintendent of Hunterdon County Vocational School District. “The collaboration across three different programs wil expose our students to new things that go on here at Polytech while also contributing to an important initiative going on at Chipangali.” To learn more about Polytech’s programs and to apply to the school, please visit In addition, please be sure to keep up to date on Polytech’s Facebook to see the daily activities going on at school.