Sheriff Frederick W. Brown announced that a long running telephone scam seeking payment for false warrants and overdue payments to the IRS has taken a new twist.  This new twist involves a threat of arrest for not appearing for Jury Duty as summonsed.

The scam involves a caller stating he or she is with the Sheriff’s Office,  will give an Officer’s  name,  and has a warrant for that person’s arrest. The imposter then goes on to say that it can be handled either “civilly” or “criminally” but if they elect to pay a civil fine there will be no arrest. The caller will give instructions on using a pre-paid debit card from a major bank or a Green Dot Card.  The caller will go so far as to give stores where these pre-paid cards can be purchased.  Sheriff Brown stated that this is the latest variation to the false warrant scam and the Internal Revenue Service scam demanding overdue tax payment in the same manner.  The caller will provide a call back phone number where payment can be paid.  The phone number is now answered falsely identifying it as the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff stressed that legitimate law enforcement agencies will not tell people to provide money card information to avoid arrest.  It is further warned that even if the caller has some name or knowledge, the receiver of the call should not provide any personal identification such as date of birth or social security numbers.  The receivers of these scam calls should try to gather names, the phone number given, any location if given, and report them to your local police.