Hunterdon Targets 370 Acres For Preservation With Open Space Funds Directed To Localities

Over 370 acres in Hunterdon County are in line for preservation from development, and seven sites will
receive historic preservation funding, through $1.33 million in open space tax allocations to localities approved by the Hunterdon County Board of Freeholders on August 1.

“The Parks and Open Space Advisory Council (POSAC) and the County’s Department of Planning have
been hard at work on a thorough process that has resulted in the recommendation to share the county’s open space tax funds with our municipalities on a significant number of preservation projects,” Freeholder Director John E. Lanza stated.

“We cannot reiterate enough how important preservation is in Hunterdon County and this Freeholder Board’s commitment to it,” Lanza added.
Open space and historic preservation funding is derived from the voter approved county open space tax.
Under resolutions approved by the Freeholders August 1, 124 West Amwell farmland acres will be preserved from development through the joint participation of the County, West Amwell and the State
Agriculture Development Board.

The Freeholders approved POSAC recommended municipal grants to:
Readington, to assist in the preservation of 30 acres adjacent to NJDEP property at Round Valley in the amount of $85,000.
Clinton Township, that will assist in the preservation of 84 acres that will create 165 continuous acres of preserved land along Route 31 from Allerton Road to Regional Road, in the amount of $329,000.

Hunterdon Targets 370 Acres For Preservation With Open Space Funds Directed To Localities: Seven Historic Sites Also To Receive Preservation Monies Cooperative Assistance and non-profit grants, providing 50% of preservation costs, recommended by POSAC were awarded to:
Bethlehem and Hunterdon Land Trust, for 116 acres that provide linkage with other County and Township owned parkland, in the amount of $350,000. East Amwell and D & R Greenway, for 19 acres that will help extend the Sourland Mountain trail network, in the amount of $102,500.

Municipal Open Space and Historic Preservation grants approved for various preservation projects
include: Flemington for the Samuel Fleming House
Holland Township for the Riegel Ridge Community Center
The Hunterdon Land Trust for the Bank Barn at the Dvoor Farm
East Amwell for restoration at the Clawson House High Bride for the Solitude House The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Foundation for the Reading-Large House The Red Mill Museum in Clinton
“Assisting our communities in maintaining their historic structures is important to our heritage, culture and tourism in Hunterdon County. That is why historic preservation has long been recognized as a key
component of the overall conservation effort in the County,” Freeholder Suzanne Lagay stated.