Important information for turning “65”

Just because you have not reached retirement age doesn’t mean that you are
not eligible for Medicare benefits when you first turn “65”. However, you
are not automatically enrolled in Medicare when you turn “65” because you
were not receiving Social Security benefits. If you don’t take action to
enroll in Medicare until you start receiving Social Security benefits, you will
miss your Initial Enrollment period. You can enroll in Medicare at anytime
during this seven-month period, which includes the three months before, the
month of, and the three months following your 65th birthday. If you fail to
enroll in Medicare during this time you may have to wait until next year’s
general enrollment period to apply for Medicare and you may have to pay a
penalty. The only exception is if you have employer insurance through
your or your spouse’s current job at the time you become eligible for
Evening class for information are planned at the Hunterdon County
Division of Senior, Disabilities & Veteran Services for March 18th
starting at 6:00 pm. call 908-788-1361 to register for the session.
Limited seating so please only sign up for turning 65 in 2015. If you need additional information please ask for Pia Rey-Doklan.