On Sunday, October 9, at approximately 10:05 pm, officers responded to a Pine Tree Drive address for a report of a large horse stuck in an in-ground swimming pool. Upon arrival, officers observed a thirteen (13) year-old “Quarter Horse” laying on its side on top of the pool cover. The horse had apparently wandered onto the property from an adjacent field/barn. The horse’s hooves had torn a hole in the pool cover and the lower half of the horse’s body had fallen into the water. The homeowners advised that the pool was approximately six (6) to seven (7) feet deep. The Clinton Rescue Squad and the Annandale Hose Company responded and were able to cut the pool cover in order to free the horse’s legs. They then used a rope to pull the horse out of the pool. Page 2 of 2 It is estimated that the horse was in the pool for approximately one (1) hour. Once rescued, the horse appeared to be physically exhausted and laid on the ground for several minutes while it received medical attention from its owner and a veterinarian. After approximately twenty (20) minutes, the horse stood up on its own. It appeared to have some minor scrapes to its back legs.