Comedy Night Fundraiser to Save Historic Flemington Buildings

Demolishing historic buildings is not normally something to laugh about, but a comedy fundraiser in Flemington will be doing just that.

The show – Comedy Night at Stangl Stage – will be held Saturday, Sep. 17, from 8 to 10 p.m., at 50 Stangl Road, Flemington.

“Tensions are high in town right now and this will hopefully provide some well-needed stress relief,” says Richard Giffen, co-organizer of the fundraiser to benefit the Friends of Historic Flemington.

Current redevelopment plans call for the complete demolition of four historic and significant buildings on the town’s Main Street – including the landmark Union Hotel, a centerpiece of the 1935 “Trial of the Century” of Bruno Hauptmann for the kidnapping of Charles and Anne Lindbergh’s baby.

Driving through town right now you can see the passion on both sides.

Blue “for demolition” lawn signs are competing with red “stop demolition” signs. A series of failed projects and a desperate desire for redevelopment have led to the current plan, which is at odds with the Borough’s own ordinances and recommendations from historic councils at municipal, county, state and national levels.

Local celebrity Joey Novick will head up the event, assisted by 9 remarkable comedians James Comacho, Missy Allen, Scott Brennan, Ron Kelly, Tom Mongelli, Michael Burlew, Rey Brito, Mike Eagen, and Karen Faye.

Tickets are $20 per person, available online at Eventbrite.

Guests can purchase food and drink from the adjacent Blue Fish Grill and Factory Fuel Company, or BYOB.

Friends of Historic Flemington supports adaptive reuse of the historic buildings of the borough. Its members believe the complete demolition of the Union Hotel and three adjacent buildings in the heart of the county seat’s historic district is unnecessary and are in favor of development that respects and incorporates the historic aspects of these buildings.

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Comedy Show tickets are available online at Eventbrite, or by contacting Richard Giffen at, at the door.

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For more information, contact Richard Giffen at (908) 797-1351

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Friends of Historic Flemington

“Development, YES! Demolition, NO!”