IN HUNTERDON Co-Parenting: Building Stronger Bonds

For parents that may not live together or have remarried, these family structures provide unique dynamics that may cause moments of frustration, emotionally shutting down, or involving children in problems between you and their other parent.  Hunterdon Prevention Resources (HPR) is proud to announce that it will present Unifying Families:  Co-Parenting on Tuesday, May 26, 2015, from 6 – 7:30 pm.  Participants to the program will learn the value of working as a parental team and implementing a more mindful approach in dealing with the particular challenges related to these evolving dynamics.


Co-Parenting is a fundamental goal for parents that may be unmarried, separated, or divorced. This concept is aimed in gaining equal responsibility and care of their children as a cohesive team. Elements of co-parenting include:


  • formatting a plan that meets the needs of the children
  • implementing boundaries
  • ensuring stability, emotional integrity, and active communication.


Subsequently, effective co-parenting also involves encouraging the children’s relationship with the other parent and protecting them from issues in which they have no influence in solving, such as disagreements between the parents. Overall, co-parenting is a strategy to improve family relationships and build stronger bonds.


The program will be held at the Hunterdon County Family Success Center, in a warm and inviting environment, located at 87 Park Avenue, Flemington, NJ.  Unifying Families is intended for both parents and youth. Dinner is included; babysitting is available for children under 6 upon prior request.