ActingSomerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson, acting Chief of County Detectives Timothy M. Fitzgerald and Bound Brook Borough Chief of Police Michael Jannone announce the arrests of Isaiah Wilson, age 24, Cecilia Nieves, age 29 and Juan Gomez, age 32 of Fisher Avenue, Bound Brook, N.J, Jake Reese, age 25, of South Side Avenue, Somerville, N.J. Cortney Healey, age 31 and MaLike Greenway age 19, of West High Street, Bound Brook, N.J., Earl Esaw, age 22 of Astor Street, Springfield, N.J., Najih Jones, age 23 of Thorpe Drive, Edison, N.J., Raekwon Johnson, age 20 of South Bound Brook, N.J., Luz Hernandez age 34, of West 2nd Street, Plainfield, N.J., Sam Forman, age 20, of Washington Place, Somerville, N.J. and John Reilly, age 41, of Glenn Ridge Drive, Bridgewater, N.J.


Acting Prosecutor Robertson states thaton May 6, 2016, at approximately 6:00 p.m., detectives assigned to the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force observed Isiah Wilson as he conducted and hand- to- hand transaction with the driver of a gold colored Honda Accord, later identified as Najih Jones, that was parked in front of Wilson’s Fisher Avenue residence. After completely the transaction defendant Wilson entered the right side door of his residence.


As defendant Jones left the area in his vehicle detectives conducted a motor vehicle stop on Fischer Avenue. As detectives approached the driver’s side of the vehicle they observed ten (10) folds of Heroin laying on the ground next to the driver’s door. Defendants Sam Forman and John Reilly were passengers in the vehicle. Subsequent to obtaining voluntary consent from defendant Jones to search his vehicle detectives found one bag of Marijuana in the vehicle. The defendants were arrested without incident.



Additional Task Force detectives executed a Superior Court Search Warrant on Wilson’s residence. Upon entering the right side door of the residence detectives located defendants Wilson, Jake Reese, Earl Esaw, MaLike Greenway, and Raekwon Johnson in a family room area. Defendants Cecilia Nieves and Cortney Healey, along with 2 minor children, were observed running from the kitchen to a back porch area.  In the right back porch area two more minor children were located. Defendant Luz Hernandez was located hiding in the attic of the residence.


On the right side of the residence detectives seized six (6) folds of heroin in the family room. On the right side of the back porch area detectives seized an additional twenty (20) folds of heroin. Hanging on a basement stairwell wall detectives located a red bag containing a HiPoint .40 caliber handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets.


Upon entering the left side door of the residence detectives located Juan Gomez in the kitchen of the residence. A search of the left side of the residence resulted in the seizure of a Glock .45 caliber handgun loaded with a hollow-point bullets in defendant Gomez’s bedroom dresser. In a crawl space area behind the residence detectives located a Sentry Safe containing 572 folds of heroin.


At the time of their arrests Reese voluntarily turned over 13 baggies of cocaine and Wilson was in possession of the key to the safe and $1,130 in U.S. Currency.


Wilson, Gomez, Reese, Nieves, Healey, Greenway, Esaw, Jones, Johnson, Hernandez, Forman and Reilly were transported to the Prosecutor’s Office for processing.  Defendant Hernandez was found to have a Municipal Warrant out of Dunellen, N.J. Defendant Healy was found to have an outstanding Superior Court Warrant out of Somerset County regarding a Violation of Probation.


The approximate street value of the heroin seized in this investigation is $9,120.00.


Defendant Isaiah Wilson was charged with2 Counts of Certain Persons not to Possess a Firearm, 2nd Degree, 2 Counts of Possession of a Firearm During a CDS Offense, 2nd Degree, 2 Counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, 2nd Degree, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, 2nd Degree, Distribution of CDS (heroin) 3rd Degree, Possession with Intent to Distribute CDS (heroin), 3rd  Degree, Possession of CDS, 3rd Degree, Possession of a Defaced Firearm 4th Degree, 2 Counts of Possession of Hollow Point Bullets, 4th Degree.


Defendant Juan Gomez was charged with Certain Persons not to Possess a Firearm, 2nd Degree.


Defendant Jake Reese was charged with Possession of CDS (Cocaine), 3rd Degree, Possession of CDS (Heroin) 3rd Degree.


Defendants Cecilia Nieves and Cortney Healey were charged with 2 Counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, 2nd Degree, Possession of CDS (Heroin) 3rd Degree.


Defendants MaLike Greenway, Earl Esaw, Najih Jones, Rackwon Johnson were charged withPossession of CDS (Heroin), 3rd Degree.


Defendant Luz Hernandez was charged with Hindering the Apprehension of Another, 3rd Degree.


Defendants Sam Forman and John Reilly were charged with Possession of Marijuana under 50 grams, a Disorderly Persons offense.


The Honorable Kathy Qasim, J.S.C. set bail for Wilson at $100,000 cash only, Gomez at $50,000, 10% to apply, Reese at $10,000 cash or bond, Nieves at $50,000 cash or bond, Healey at $50,000 cash or bond, Esaw at $5,000, 10% to apply, Jones at $10,000, 10% to apply, Johnson at $5,000, 10% to apply and Hernandez at $1,500 10% to apply. Defendants Greenway, Forman and Reilly were released on their own recognizance.


The four minor children were turned over to family members.

Note: We are required by the Rules of Court to include herein a statement explaining that the charges are merely an accusation and that the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.