Monica Rowland, Superintendent of Schools in Tewksbury Township, is pleased to announce that the Board of Education has approved moving from an extended day Kindergarten schedule to a full day Kindergarten schedule for the coming school year.  Ms. Rowland reported, “Moving from a 4 ½ hour Kindergarten schedule to a full day schedule will allow us to enrich and strengthen our Kindergarten program.”

Lisa Schneider, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction explained, “Empirical studies conducted over the past fifteen years show that full day Kindergarten students show significantly stronger academic gains over the course of the Kindergarten year than their counterparts who attend shorter programs.”  She elaborated by stating, “The full day program will allow us to better address our students’ educational and social needs.”

“We have an excellent staff who will use the increased time to  maximize creative play, reinforce academic skills, increase the development of fine and gross motor skills, and enhance socialization,” explained Jim Miller, Principal of Tewksbury Elementary School.  Mr. Miller added, “We are thankful that the Board has given us two additional hours daily to expand our program to better meet the needs of our students.”  Kindergarten Registration documents are available at Tewksbury Elementary School or can be e-mailed to you.  Please contact Eileen Callahan at<> to e-mail the documents.