For those of you local football fans with your heads in the sand the NY JETS and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick are in a standoff regarding his contract for the future. A note to the Jets – give Fitz a great contract based on performance.

In case the Jets new management regime doesn’t realize it Geno Smith is a horrific turnover machine QB who garners zero respect from his teammates.

In case the Jets didn’t notice Fitz threw for the most TD’s in Jets history, won ten games, 6 more than the previous year, and has the respect of his two star wide outs and meshes perfectly with the O coordinator.

And yes there are no other QB’s available.  If you have the guts to give Bryce Petty the reigns then so be it, the kid practices hard, has a gun for an arm and appears to be the QB of the future, but would two more years backing up the intelligent Fitz give him a great advantage going forward, it certainly would.

So how do you get Fitzie in the fold and let the draft research aspect of the year move forward, give him a not likely to be earned INCENTIVE deal. This is the NY Jets and there are many incentives the Jets have not achieved for some time that could be put in as incentives. Clearly the Jets are worried that Fitz had a career year and that he is not likely to repeat that performance. On the other side Fitz most likely believes that he is a Rich Gannon type QB who is maturing later in his career and has the potential to carry a team to the Big Dance. Both are legitimate arguments and thus an incentive laden deal would be great for both.

First things first the Jets have to get off this low ball 7 million dollar offer mark, it’s insulting.  Give Gm Big Mac credit for not giving him a ludicrous contract. Just because the guys in Philly and Houston have mortgaged their futures on unproven QB’s and crippled their caps in the process that does not mean the Jets should be stupid, but they should be fair.

Fitz had an above average year, albeit choking in two big spots against the Bills, at home and away, that cost the Jets a playoff run. He should be shown some respect. A base ten million salary is not ridiculous.

Then you throw in the incentives.  If the Jets win the division Fitz gets a 4 million payment. With the Patriots to the North it has been eons since the Jets have won the division, but Tommy B is getting long in the tooth and had Fitz played better against the Bills and Eagles the Jets would have had 13 wins and taken the title. If Fitz wants to put up or shut up taking the Division this year gets him and extra four million, and jumps the contract to 14 million.

If the Jets win a wild card playoff game, Fitz gets 2 million. That would mean they didn’t win the division and would move his contract to 12 million.   If they win a second playoff game out of a wild card spot he gets another 2 million, bringing his total to 14.  If he wins the AFC championship game out of the wild card spot he gets an additional 5 million, bringing the total to 19 million which would now exceed the contracts of Bradford and Ossweiler. If he wins the Super Bowl he gets another 6 million dollars bringing his total to 25 Million and everyone is thrilled.

You work it the same way out of a division title. If Fitz wins the division title that puts him at 14 million for the year. He wins the first playoff home game and he gets another three million putting him at 17 million. If he wins the AFC championship game he gets another three million to bring him to 20 million. If he wins the bowl he gets the 5 million bonus.

If he is named all pro but the D plays horribly and the Jets have a bad record he gets a 5 million bonus not making the playoffs to get him to 15 million. If he leads the league in TD passes and they don’t make the playoffs he gets a 3 million bonus. Etc… the point is if he keeps on exceeding expectations he should be rewarded.

If he falls on his face he gets the ten million and allows cap space flexibility for the future.

The question is does Fitz have faith in himself and his teammates, if so this is a deal that works. Let’s hope he does something like this and stays in NJ, the community is better with him around.


Take a look at a similar situation

The six-year, $126 million contract extension Colin Kaepernick received from the San Francisco 49ers has a convoluted $2 million per year salary de-escalator.

Kaepernick’s base salary for the following season doesn’t decrease by the $2 million if he is named first or second team All-Pro by the Associated Press, or the 49ers reach the Super Bowl while he has 80 percent offensive playtime in the regular season and playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl (wild card, division and conference championship games). Once Kaepernick reaches this threshold in a season, the de-escalator becomes void for the remainder of the deal.

The 49ers missing the playoffs triggered the de-escalator, so Kaepernick’s 2015 base salary goes from $12.4 million to $10.4 million. The activation of the de-escalator doesn’t change Kaepernick’s $15,265,753 2015 salary cap number. The lower salary, $10.4 million, is already a part of his cap number because de-escalation is being considered likely for cap purposes in each year of his contract.