An old Bill Parcells idea was always when the points are there you take the points, put the score on the board, unfortunately NY Jet Rookie coach Todd Bowles got caught up in the moment last night and went on fourth down twice instead of taking gimmee field goals and as a result the Jets fell to the Bills by five points.


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Overall the Jets cannot deny that they gave the game away. The high draft pick from Ohio state Devon Smith made a horrible play. Smith, who was injured early in the pre season, was obviously anxious to make something happen but when he was 8 yards deep in the end zone on a kickoff he forgot to take a knee and tried to return the kick and ended up fumbling the wet ball in a hard rain and Buffalo returned it for a touchdown. Boom, silly rookie error. The Jets defense at the time was pounding on the Bills offense and this was a huge momentum swing, HUGE.




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Starting the second half again the turnover bug hits again with Chris Ivory putting the ball on the ground. Once again the Jets D stood tall, surrendering only a field goal, but the damage was done and the Bills had a large lead.

The Jets are resilient however, and with a lot of fans heading for the parking lot Fitzie led a nice drive for a score. The defense holds again and the Jets drive down and instead of taking a field goal they go on fourth down and the offensive coordinator calls an atrocious play that doesn’t even get the ball to the line of scrimmage. Three points off the board.

Then the Jets get a gift when the Bills punter drops the ball and the Jets get it on the Bills 20 down by five. Had they taken the earlier field goal they could have taken the lead with a field goal here. Ivory makes a great run on first down gaining 8 and the Jets are unable to get two yards on two plays. Again, instead of taking the field goal, with three time outs in their pocket and tons of time on the clock they go again, and again the offensive coordinator calls another horrible play forcing the ball to an inexperienced player who showed he was clueless in the corner of the end zone. It’s important to note that on all three plays with only two yards needing to be gained the ball did not go to Marshall or Decker once, you have to wonder what they are thinking as the season is sinking.

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The Defense then wilted with Shady McCoy running all over the place to kill the clock and create a gloating Rex Ryan which no one wanted to see.

Tomorrow – The Wonderful Wayne Chrebet.










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