The NY Jets hit the field tonight for the first time this year at Met Life stadium and jet fans are wondering how long Ryan Fitzpatrick will play and what newly added Matt Flynn will bring to the table.

Flynn, added due to Geno’s Jaw break, has had flashes of brilliance in his career and cashed in on them but after that played pretty much mediocre ball. The Jets may be making a huge mistake not giving those snaps to 4th round pick Bryce Petty who showed in game one that he has a nice touch with the play action game and just needs some seasoning to get that rocket arm tossing the ball to the right spots.

Another feature of tonight’s game is the defense who quite frankly looked pathetic against the Lions in game one. The Big Green D is supposed to be the backbone of this team with Revis and Cromartie back at corners but as Clyde Frazier would say all they did in game one was play “Matador D.”  It’s hard to put a coach on the hotspot after only one preseason game but if Todd Bowles D doesn’t show up this game there are going to be whispers that he may be a good coordinator but a lousy top dog.  It has happened before all over the league.  Let’s hope not here as coach B has been very cordial to all during camp.

It’s also time for number one pick Leonard William to start making some noise. With Richardson mired  like a ninny in legal problems this pick has to generate an inside rush to make the qb shake. Williams has looked ok during practice but game time is money time and he needs to make an impact soon.

On the nice side the theme of tonight’s game is kids night by chase, 50 generation jet kids will form a tunnel for players to run through which should make them all crazy.


Also if you are tailgating before the game Premio Sausage will have a truck giving out free goodies in lots e and F which sounds scrumptious. ESPN radio kicks off the coverage at 6:30 on 98.7 f.m.

Tix are still available through all the usual outlets if you want to come check out some pro ball on a Friday night.


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