KELLY SHEA EARNS CLINTON SUNRISE ROTARY SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship acknowledges Shea’s dedication to pursuing physical therapy



Kelly Shea graduates from the Health Science Program at Polytech with a clear career goal: become a physical therapist. She knows that to accomplish her goal, she will need to remain focused throughout years of schooling to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She also knows that the degree could come with a hefty price tag.


Clinton Sunrise Rotary has recognized Shea’s passion for pursuing physical therapy and her dedication to seeing her goal through by selecting her as the 2017 recipeint of its $3,000 scholarship. Shea said in her scholarship essay that she would prove that the Rotary put its money to good use through her “hard work both in the classroom and in a professional setting.”

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Shea first realized that she wanted to become a physical therapist during her first year in the Health Science Program at Polytech. She said that the focused education she received at Polytech allowed her to explore various health-related careers and begin focusing her education early on so that she is ready to tackle challenging curriculum in college.

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If Shea’s high school performance is any indication of how she will do in college and a doctoral program, she will be at the top of her class. She earned a 3.85 GPA at Polytech and was a member of the National Technical Honor Society for both eleventh and twelfth grades.

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“When people ask me about my future and realize the amount of schooling I will go through, they often ask if I know what I’m getting myself into,” Shea said. “My reply is always ‘yes,’ and I’m excited to see where my studies will take me.”

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