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I am writing about an article posted on The Hunterdon County News on March 22, 2017.


I am appalled at the headline which states that “Junkies Crashed”. In this day and age with the nationwide epidemic of heroin addiction as well as the local epidemic it is unreal that the writer of the article would try to sensationalize something that affects just about everyone around us including the parents, children and friends of addicts.


This was not even an article, it was just a summary of a police involved incident that happened to involve addicts. When so many people and law enforcement agencies are trying to help addicts rather than criminalize them it would be expected that a local resource such as The Hunterdon County News would take this stance as well.

Calling addicts “junkies” is not helping the situation and is only meant to fuel the shame that the addict already struggles with everyday. To call the individuals in the article “junkies” when the writer does not even know them is shameful. If the writer of the article knew the addict he would understand that he has a disease and everyday wished that he could beat it once and for all. The writer may someday find himself in the same situation where it is his aunt, his mother, father or brother is an addict and I am sure the headline would be quite different.

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I would ask that the headline of the article be redacted and replaced with one that is more sympathetic to the addict. Furthermore if the writer of the article would like to sensationalize the epidemic or gain notoriety I would suggest that he do some serious and thoughtful research into the problem and write an article that is honest and understanding of the problem we are all facing.