LETTER Addiego & Rodriguez-Gregg Bill Allowing Amusement Games in Bars and Restaurants Clears Senate, Moves to Governor’s Desk

Senator Dawn Marie Addiego and Assembly Republican Maria Rodriguez-Gregg’s bill to allow Dave & Buster’s-style restaurant and entertainment venues in New Jersey earned the approval of the Senate today. The measure (A-4143), which passed the General Assembly last month, permits issuing an amusement game license to qualifying bars and restaurants.


“We’re finally leveling the playing field,” said Addiego, R — Burlington, Atlantic and Camden. “Competing states have been enjoying a monopoly on this entertainment. Allowing food, drink and amusements in the same building will provide an economic boost for New Jersey.”


To qualify under the bill, a licensed establishment must offer a minimum of 100 amusement games and the premises must total at least 20,000 square feet.


“Welcoming these specialty venues will create new business, new jobs, and renewed excitement in destinations like Atlantic City, our Shore towns, and downtown areas dependant on restaurant and nightlife traffic,” said Rodriguez-Gregg, R – Burlington, Atlantic and Camden. “This has proven to be a profitable niche in other states and it can help energize New Jersey’s economy.”


Addiego and Rodriguez-Gregg’s bill is now headed to Gov. Christie’s desk to await action.