LETTER – Airport to Devalue all Readington

After review of the testimony of the recent ruling in the Solberg Aviation court case it is now clear that Thor Solberg has and had full intentions to promote the expansion of their airport. Clearly Thor Solberg cannot be trusted and has never negotiated in good faith. The expansion would add hundreds of feet to the runway allowing corporate jets to utilize Solberg as transportation hub for many New Jersey corporations, relieving Newark, Teterboro, Trenton and Morristown of their heavy daily traffic.

If you own a home anywhere in Readington the increases in decibel level caused by jet traffic will be unbearable.  When your home goes on the market in the future there will be few people interested in paying the current market value you anticipate today.  It may even be impossible to sell, no one will want to live in Readington within the five mile “safety zone” of the airport.

Support the APPEAL of the court ruling on Solberg.  It IS CHEAP.  Make it Right.

The Solbergs have succeeded in surrounding themselves with a group of promoters who are trying to succeed in the takeover of the Readington Committee for the purpose of deconstructing the smart planning we have experienced over the last twenty years.  These promoters view control of the Committee as the inroad to replace the capable, experienced, conservative, preservationist members of the planning, zoning, sewerage, COAH and open space boards.  This will allow the reversal of the safeguards that have gradually been protecting Readington from the sprawl experienced in most communities in the state.  We need a strong Township Committee that represents the property owners and not special interest groups that benefit at the expense of everyone.

Vote the REPUBLICAN LINE ,  Liz Duffy and Ben Smith, on June 2, Primary Election Day. They have the endorsement of the Township and County Republicans.

David L. Olsen