LETTER – Bill Assisting Homeless or Disable Veterans Earns General Assembly Approval


 The General Assembly today approved legislation sponsored by Assembly Republican Maria Rodriguez-Gregg to provide affordable housing options for homeless or disabled veterans. The bill (A2199) makes it easier for veterans to qualify for affordable units in housing projects operated by a housing authority, or financed by a county improvement authority.


“These are veterans who have served our country well, and may be struggling to re-adjust to life outside of the military,” said Rodriguez-Gregg (R – Burlington). “Too many veterans are homeless or suffering from disabling injuries, and helping them settle into affordable living quarters will lighten their burdens and ease their adjustment to civilian life.”


The legislation provides priority preferences for homeless veterans, followed by disabled veterans, then family members who are primary caregivers to disable veterans.


Under the bill, the Department of Community Affairs will adopt rules, regulations and standards for the veterans’ preference.