LETTER Bill Protecting Unemployment Fund from Delinquent Vendors

 Legislation S-1622/A-3154 sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Dancer that withholds state payments to vendors who are delinquent on unemployment, disability and family leave payments was approved by the Assembly today.


“Vendors who contract with the state are expected to complete the agreed upon work and make the required unemployment and disability insurance payments,” said Dancer, R-Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington and Middlesex. “Failure to meet their contractual obligations, including these payments, is a costly breach of the agreement and will result in the state withholding the funds. Until vendors are current with these payments, the state has no choice but to deduct the amount owed these accounts. Keeping these funds solvent is critical in order to provide these benefits when needed.”


The Senate unanimously approved the identical bill (S-1622) in June 2014.