LETTER – bill requiring health insurers to cover 3-D mammograms heads to the governor

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Robert Auth requiring state employee health insurers to provide coverage for 3-D mammograms was approved today by the Assembly.

“3-D mammograms are an effective tool in the battle against breast cancer. Studies show that these types of screenings have a higher rate of detection than regular mammography alone,” said Auth (R-Bergen), whose wife is a cancer survivor.  “It also reduces the number of false positives. Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer knows how stressful the diagnostic process can be. As medical science advances, we should ensure that people have access to the latest state-of-the-art technology available. Making sure 3D mammograms are available to all women and men with private insurance will be a priority for me in the next legislative term.

The bill (S2793/A4320) requires the State Health Benefits Program, and School Employees’ Health Benefits Program, to provide coverage for digital tomosynthesis for the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. Also called 3-D mammography, it creates a three-dimensional picture of the breast using x-rays.