LETTER Committee Moves Dancer’s Emergency Vehicle Sale Bill

– Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Dancer that requires the removal of equipment and markings on certain used emergency vehicles prior to their sale today received Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee approval.


“It would not be surprising for the new owner of a used police car to use its equipment or markings to impersonate a police officer, exceed any given speed limit or ride the shoulder of a jam-packed highway in an effort to get through traffic more quickly,” said Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth. “This safeguard will ensure that individuals who purchase such vehicles do not use a previously authorized emergency vehicle for a non-authorized purpose.


“While the vast majority of people wouldn’t even entertain such an idea, unfortunately, there are unscrupulous folks who would try to take advantage for personal gain,” he continued. “This bill is a preventative measure. It will help stop those types of situations from occurring in the first place.”


The bill (A-856) requires that, prior to the sale or transfer of an authorized emergency vehicle, any equipment or marking that would identify it as an emergency vehicle must be removed. Under current law, there is no requirement for the removal of equipment and emergency markings prior the sale of the vehicle.


The measure defines an authorized emergency vehicle as any fire department, police department, ambulance or other vehicles approved by the chief administrator when operated in response to an emergency call.


Equipment that must be removed includes handheld spotlights affixed to side mirrors, antennas used for emergency response communication equipment, mobile vision and mobile data terminals, sirens, strobe lights, or any other light with optional strobe functions typically used on an authorized emergency vehicle. The markings that must be removed include any decal, insignia, or striping added to the authorized emergency vehicle by a state or municipal agency, or any other government entity engaged in law enforcement, fire services or emergency medical transportation.