LETTER – Dancer Bill Protecting Woman From “Upskirting” Wins Committee Approval

Legislation Assemblyman Ronald Dancer sponsors to strengthen the state’s invasion of privacy laws was released by the Assembly Judiciary Committee today. Dancer’s bill (A-3864/3938/2992) will add new penalties for recording videos or taking pictures under the skirts of woman also known as “upskirting”.


“Electronic Peeping Toms are now armed with modern technology that threatens more than an unsuspecting victim standing by an open window,” said Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington, Monmouth and Middlesex.  “The increased use and clarity of recording devices has led to high tech perverts recording women in settings where they previously felt secure.  Updating our laws to address these new methods helps us prevent them from getting these images for themselves or sharing their invasions on the Internet.”


“Upskirting” is when perpetrators use their cell phones to take pictures and record video under the skirts and dresses of unsuspecting victims who frequently are travelling on public transportation, such as trains or buses. Under this bill, “upskirting” will become a third-degree crime, which calls for a three-to-five year prison term, a fine of up to $15,000, or both.