LETTER Education panel clears Rible bill introducing new drug prevention program in schools


A bill implementing a new drug prevention effort in state school districts, sponsored by Assemblyman Dave Rible, was cleared today by the Assembly Education Committee. The bill (A2422) calls on the commissioner of education to roll out the Natural High Drug Prevention program to encourage students to follow a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

The bill directs the Department of Education to implement the program in each school district by working with the Natural High Drug Prevention Program, which inspires young people to discover and pursue their natural high so they have a reason to say ‘no’ to drugs and alcohol.

“The drug problem has affected tens of thousands of families across our state, and in my district,” said Rible (R—Monmouth). “This is a very positive, effective program that inspires young people to find their ‘natural high’ by pursuing their passions and avoid the dangers and heartbreak associated with drug and alcohol abuse.”

The program will use the organization’s curriculum and videos and create clubs at public high schools. A state educator on the program’s leadership council will help provide New Jersey-specific advice on the program. Natural High’s videos feature more than 50 celebrities telling inspirational stories.

“Through entertaining short films with star athletes and entertainers, students learn that there are drug-free options that can lead to personal happiness and professional success,” said Rible. “Introducing this ‘better way’ can prevent disastrous falls into the darkness of addiction.”