LETTER – Foothill Road in Readington claims several more tires


As the Township of Readington continues to do nothing to improve the safety and quality of life along Foothill Road several more residents and non-residents sustain flat tires due to gravel and large rocks that are dug up by the town grader.

Please read the below emails that were sent several weeks ago:

Hello Wayne and Neighbors, 

I was the lucky homeowner that got yet another flat tire today.  I have lost several days from work in the past two years due to flat tires on Foothill Road. Add insult to injury, my tires are very expensive to replace. The inconvenience, cost and knowledge that this is unnecessary has become extremely irritating. 



Hi Wayne,

I sent an email to you a few weeks ago to let you know my cleaning lady got a flat tire on Foothill Road.  She was very upset because she couldn’t get home in time to pick up her child off the school bus.  Plus she didn’t have AAA or any support service to help her with the tire.  My husband had to leave work and help her change the tire.  (Please convey this incident to the town as well).


Thanks again for spearheading this issue on behalf of the residents of Foothill Road.




Let me help clarify for all of the readers who express disbelief that gravel and rock can puncture a tire.  Have a look at our below facebook page and you will see several instances where gravel  has punctured several tires and has become impaled in the tire making in difficult to patch or plug.  While certain types of tires may be prone to being punctured more than others it honestly has no relevance mainly because people should not have to worry about the puncture rating of a tire if one existed and moreover, we have had landscaping trucks, minivans, sport vehicles, cab drivers and police cars all experience flats on Foothill Road.  What it really comes down to is how lucky a person is on any given day, or unlucky for that matter.

The conditions of Foothill Road are considered by many to be a public safety nuisance at this point.    Residents cannot drive down the road without fear of getting a flat tire or sliding in the mud or the ice.  The dust during summer months leaves residents with lung disorders unable to open their windows or sit and enjoy their front porch and pools.

The residents of Foothill Road are once again asking the Township of Readington for a reasonable solution.

Thank You