LETTER – Hearing on Exxon Settlement this Friday-

A hearing will be held by Judge Hogan concerning the New Jersey Sierra Club’s motion to intervene in the Exxon Settlement this Friday. The New Jersey Sierra Club’s motion to intervene in the case has been opposed by Exxon and the NJDEP.

Jeff Tittel, Director of the Sierra Club issued the following statement:

“We are here to represent the people of New Jersey since NJDEP will not. This deal is the biggest giveaway in state history. The proposed settlement is $225 million for damages that were worth $8.9 billion and adding 16 other industrial sites plus over 800 privately owned gas stations. Exxon and the NJDEP are opposing our motion because they are getting a good deal. The NJDEP’s opposition is shameful since the DEP should be on the side of the environment. However, we expected them to oppose our intervention because the DEP is more interested in protecting Exxon than the people of New Jersey.”

“We can bring in information about why the settlement hurts the environment and costs taxpayers money as well as expert reports to show that Exxon is getting left off the hook. DEP and Exxon are working together to keep us out of the case because they don’t want the facts to be given to the judge nor do they want this sellout to be exposed. The DEP does not want the public to be involved or understand why this is such a bad deal. They want to do this dirty deal behind closed doors. This is shameful because they are a governmental agency who is supposed to support the people and the environment under the public trust doctrine.”


“We believe that the DEP is not only violating the public trust doctrine, but they are not upholding the rights of the citizens nor the state in this dirty deal. We would file a friend of court except DEP is a friend of Exxon and not the people of New Jersey. The Christie Administration is more concerned with protecting Exxon than the environment. We want to intervene to protect the citizens of the state as well as the environment and the public trust since DEP no longer does. They do not want us to intervene because it will bring in transparency and openness to the process and show that this deal is a sham.”


WHEN:          Friday, July 10, 2015; 9:00 AM


WHERE:       Burlington County Administration Building, Courtroom 1

49 Rancocas Rd, Mt Holly, NJ 08060


WHO:             The New Jersey Sierra Club.

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