LETTER – Lambertville residents a little testy during the holidays

I hope you could publish this just as a reminder to some Lambertville citizens that they don’t need to scream and holler at people not from the area. Recently I was lost in your small community and found myself on a very tight two way street.


As I waited for the light to turn green a man came over to my passenger side window and started screaming about me being so close to his car that I almost hit him. Not wanting to get into an altercation with this fine example of a human being, I simply apologized and he walked away. For starters, I certainly did not want to get close to your precious fancy car. Next the street is so small that with your large fancy car and others like yours travelling in the other direction taking up most of the road, it was hard navigating through the small street. Finally you knew not a thing about me yet because you think your fancy richness is ten times better than me you felt the need to scream and yell because I was as you put it 6 inches from your car and almost hit you. Well my good man, I hope whatever is making you an angry person gets resolved because flipping out on people and yelling at them does not solve anything. I apologize for being so close to your precious car, the next time I am up that way and lost, I will be sure to avoid you and your tiny street.Thanks for treating lost visitors so kindly.
Brian E.