LETTER New Jersey Needs Policies that Cut Taxes, Keep Families Together

 On the deadline day for filing federal and state tax returns, Assembly Republican Jay Webber called the burden on New Jersey taxpayers unsustainable. Webber said immediate reform is necessary to make the state competitive again.


“New Jersey taxpayers have to work every day from New Years to May 13 – longer than any other state – just to pay our state’s outrageous tax burden,” said Webber. “Is it any wonder that people and businesses are leaving New Jersey? Young and educated college graduates can’t afford to settle here. Retirees who have paid taxes all their lives can’t afford to stay here. We must do better.”


The Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy research organization, determined that on average, Americans will have to work 114 days before Tax Freedom Day on April 24. In state-by-state comparison, New Jersey and Connecticut won’t hit “Tax Freedom” until 19 days later – last in the nation.


“New Jerseyans are sick and tired of feeling like they have to move to North Carolina or Florida to achieve their dreams. We need to advocate for policies that let families stay together and empower people to live here, enjoy a career, raise a family, start a business, or retire with dignity,” Webber said.