LETTER – Notice to ALL Readington Township Committee Primary Candidates!

“It is not appropriate to use the Memorial Day Parade for Politics!” ~Veterans of Foreign Wars spokesman Joe Davis, 2014.

As a Combat Decorated Veteran I can’t imagine anything more unpatriotic than politicking in a Memorial Day Parade.

Memorial Day is a special holiday, the only day of the year when we honor the spirit of all those who died in service to our nation but who we continue to remember and honor in our hearts.  

Memorial Day is not the same as Veterans Day.  Memorial Day honors the war dead; Veterans Day honors all veterans.

Whenever I’m in D.C. I visit the Wall and the friends I was with just hours before they were shot down over Laos.  Memorial Day is for those heroes, not for those of us who were lucky enough to survive and especially not for politicians.

Readington has conducted a proper, respectful parade until last year.  In 2014 there was a float with politicians waving and golf carts with placards buzzing about.  This is NOT the time or place to collect votes, this is Memorial Day!  I understand they’re at it again. This practice needs to stop.

I call for all candidates to respect our fallen and desist from using the parade for their political purposes.  The voters should remember those who disrespect our country at the June primary.


James F. Horvath, Captain

US Air Force

Veteran of Viet Nam War