LETTER Panel advances Rible’s ‘Blue Alert System’ bill


Legislation Assemblyman David Rible sponsors to help apprehend individuals who have killed or seriously injured law enforcement officers was approved today by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee. The bill (A2674) establishes an emergency “Blue Alert System” that allows the media to quickly disseminate information to the public when a police officer is missing, killed or seriously hurt in an effort to capture the suspect.


“Law enforcement can use as many ‘eyes’ as possible in helping track down these suspects,” said Rible (R-Monmouth).  “With news today being instantaneous via Twitter, Facebook and other social media, there’s no reason not to use these tools to alert the public in the hope someone may come forward with information that leads to an arrest.


“We ask for the public’s help by issuing Amber alerts for abducted children and Silver alerts for missing seniors with success,” Rible continued. “With the number of police officers being murdered or shot on the rise, it’s only common sense that we implement Blue alerts for cop killers.”


The bill calls for a voluntary, cooperative effort between state and local law enforcement agencies and the media. It requires the state attorney general to notify the media that a Blue Alert system has been established and invite their voluntary participation. The alerts will inform the public, who has information relating to the missing officer or suspect, how to contact the lead law enforcement agency.