letter – Phoebus bill extending the age requirement for police officer jobs for deployed reservists clears committee

Legislation (A3846/S1856) sponsored by Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus helping National Guard members keep their civil service eligibility when called for active duty, today cleared the Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee by a 6 to 0 vote.

“U.S. armed forces reservists who are deployed should not lose their chance to become police officers because they are called to active duty,” said Phoebus (R-Sussex). “These men and women made the effort to take and pass the civil service exam then selflessly answered the call to protect and serve our nation. There shouldn’t be consequences to their service. On the contrary, we should assist them in any way possible.”

Reservists called to active duty will remain eligible for new employment as a police officer even if they exceed the age of 35 when they return if already on a waiting list. Police officer candidates must be 35 years old or younger on the announced closing date of the civil service exam to be eligible for the job.