LETTER – Planned Parenthood dodges budget questions in second Assembly hearing prior to funding vote

An official from Planned Parenthood New Jersey again declined lawmaker’s questions about the organization’s financial details, such as its annual budget, annual revenue and executive compensation, during an Assembly Budget hearing Monday.

“We asked these questions of you two weeks ago so I expected perhaps you would know that we would be asking these questions again,” Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz (R-Union) told Planned Parenthood’s political director Christine Sadovy.

The questions were about a proposal for a $7.45 million supplemental appropriation, which lasts through June 2018.

During an Assembly Health Committee hearing two weeks ago, Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi and Nancy Munoz posed the same questions.  They asked for a breakdown of how the money would be spent, what the organization’s annual federal and state revenues, and how much it pays its executives.

Sadovy told the budget committee she didn’t have a budget to share with the committee – virtually the same answer she gave two weeks ago.

She also declined to share the organizations revenues because she didn’t know them “off the top of her head.”  Responding to questions about executive compensation, Sadovy said, “I am not going to share information about employee salaries or other personnel issues.”

Planned Parenthood’s national revenue was $1.35 billion in 2016, according to Forbes’ 100 largest U.S. charities list.  The highest executive salary was $727,202, a tenth of the proposed supplemental appropriation. A reason for needing taxpayer dollars, and how those dollars will be used, still has not been provided.

The $7.45 million supplemental appropriation will be up for a vote during Thursday’s Assembly session. If it passes it will go to Gov. Murphy’s desk to be signed.

Watch Munoz in the Budget hearing HERE:

Munoz budget

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Todd Riffle

Communications Director

New Jersey General Assembly Republican Office