October 23, 2017


Dear Editor:

Rarely do we see hypocrisy taken to the level of Democratic Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker. Coddled in academia his whole professional life, Zwicker is running a campaign so far afield from the truth he must think voters are dumb. For a man who says he makes his decisions based on “facts and evidence” and not politics, the facts and evidence tell a different story. Here are some facts: Zwicker’s Democratic friends in Montgomery Township raised taxes almost 40%. Mark Caliguire opposed the Democrats’ massive tax increases, yet Zwicker puts out false advertisements suggesting otherwise.  Only in Andrew Zwicker’s world can Donna Simon’s vote against a $1 billion tax hike be twisted into a claim she voted against tax relief. Another telling fact:  Zwicker has such a casual relationship with the truth he can’t even tell people where he really lives. He repeatedly tells people, most recently Michael Aron on NJTV, he lives in Princeton, when he actually lives in Middlesex County. Andrew Zwicker can’t even be truthful with people about where he lives! It’s bad enough this self-proclaimed Princeton liberal thinks he’s better than us, it’s even worse he’s taking us for fools. Keep in mind what little respect Zwicker has for voters on November 7th and vote for fiscal conservatives Donna Simon and Mark Caliguire for State Assembly.


Patrick Torpey

Readington Township