LETTER – READINGTON Do not let the Committee’s majority fall to special interests and inexperience

As a doctor treats a patient, a long standing guideline is to “do no harm”. I believe the same guideline should hold true for elected officials. Readington Township’s Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 2nd offers candidates that, I believe, will adhere to the “do no harm” edict, Liz Duffy and Ben Smith.


Each of them has a decade of volunteer public service to the Township. Only recently have they stepped up to seeking election to the Township’s Committee because they care about the community they call home.


Their opponents have no record of service and are endorsed by the special interests associated with development and the expansion of Solberg Airport. These endorsements include the two new Committee Members, elected in 2014, who are now coming to the stark realization that their campaign platform related to taxes and debt cannot be realized sensibly. New Committeeman Broten lamented at a recent public meeting that what he wanted for the budget could not be achieved “responsibly”! A campaign promise and subsequent execution are two different things.


The Committee is five people and a majority of three will set the direction for Readington in 2016. Ms. Duffy and Mr. Smith both need to be elected in June and in the General Election in November. The future of Readington is that simple. Do not let the Committee’s majority fall to special interests and inexperience.


I am confident that Liz Duffy and Ben Smith are the right candidates to represent us and do no harm. Please do not dismiss the June vote as unimportant, nothing could be further from the truth! Voting for Duffy and Smith in the June Republican Primary Election is the only way to assure responsible leaders are serving your best interests.


John Kalinich, Jr.
Readington Twonship