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Dear residents and supporters:

Citizens for Readington (CFR) has once again sent a list of questions to all candidates to answer so they can “report” on it, and then “endorse” their chosen candidates. We do not plan to respond or otherwise legitimize this group for the reasons specified below. We continue to encourage all residents with questions to ask us directly and will be sending out more information over the next few weeks.

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CFR is nothing but a direct extension of the small group that has controlled this town for over 15 years, whose sole objective is to maintain their power and control.
CFR was first established to provide support to the campaign of Julia Allen and Frank Gatti several years ago. They “endorsed” these individuals and since then have endorsed Duffy, Smith and Fort. What these individuals all have in common is that they are long time incumbents in our municipal government. John Albanese, our opponent in the current campaign, described himself as “a primary contributor to CFR.” In other words, he helped shape CFR’s writings and positions, all of which support the status quo. Not surprisingly, he was then was appointed to the Planning Board by the votes of Duffy, Smith and Fort, who he endorsed through CFR. Duffy, Smith and Fort also placed Heller in his current municipal board positions. Is there any question that CFR will now “endorse” Albanese and Heller???? They are a sham organization established to try to sway public perception to support the status quo, and by doing so maintain power and control within the same small group – nothing more and nothing less.


CFR has NEVER taken a position contrary to anything the township has done or decided since its inception. Surely with the number of issues facing this township, the number of litigations and the losing litigation record, a legitimate, objective citizen’s group would have at least one difference of opinion or criticism. Why don’t they identify who writes the “articles” that appear on their website and in their emails? Any legitimate group would surely do so.
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CFR is also able to quickly and easily obtain documents and reports without the need to file requests under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). That’s because they have the inside track and are handed these directly by those already in control of our municipal government. If we, or any of you, asked for these documents we would be told that we would have to request them through legal channels – in other words file an OPRA request.
CFR is, in fact, a political organization set up to promote the positions and decisions of the controlling majority in our municipal government and support candidates who will continue to do the same. We hope residents will see this group for what they really are.

Britt and Wayne

Candidates for Township Committee