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Dear Neighbors,

Over the past two months we have reached out to many residents discussing our position on the issues facing Readington.  We feel it is key that voters are informed prior to casting their vote.  We realize that it is hard to reach out to every single resident, in an effort to do so we have included our cell phone numbers as well as our email information below.

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We have talked about a number of issues in our recent home mailings and emails: credibility, honesty, integrity, and transparency.  We highlight these issues because we feel they are the root cause of many of the issues facing Readington.  We feel that addressing the root cause is step 1 and the foundation for the Simon and Borella platform.

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In addition, we have put together a list of the top fifteen discussion points that were brought up the most when talking to residents.  We are submitting the following topics and a brief summary for each as the main core for our platform.

Action Plan

  1. Litigation – Undertake an honest business analysis of each litigation matter and determine the true risk vs. the benefit.


  1. Goal setting – Each year goals should be created for the township and prioritized.  Community input should be elicited.  It is important for the residents to be able to share their viewpoints and what they believe should be the priorities in this township. Everyone will not agree but hearing from everyone is key to understanding the community’s needs.


  1. Property values – Create a working group to collaborate with the Hunterdon County economicdevelopment director  Create a plan to help make Readington a more desirable place to live which will help increase property values.  Recreation, quality of life, taxes and safety are just a few of the major ways we improve property values.


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  1. Support local services such as Fire, Rescue and Police – With improved services, this will enable people additional ways to volunteer and become involved in the community. Our Emergency Services are vital to the safety of the Township.  We need to recognize the sacrifices that our community members make for each other.


  1. Infrastructure – Reduce the temporary fixes on things as this ultimately will cost more in the long run. Roads that cause risk to the community should be corrected.  We should not wait for an accident before we act to improve safety concerns.


  1. Community Recreation Center – Make this a priority. The children in this town need a safe place to go.  If we have additional activities for children and seniors more families will want to move to Readington, increasing the tax base. In addition, community centers can bring townships together.  This township has been divided for years, it’s time to bring our community together and put all differences aside.

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  1. Community Outreach – Creative ways to hold community events and services that can raise revenue to offset taxes. We can have social events, sporting events, competitions and so much more.  People will feel vested in the Township and its well-being if they are included.


  1. Route 22 Corridor – Design creative ways to increase business use on Route 22 in Readington to revitalize and make beautiful again. The run-down buildings create safety and health hazards.  Consider creation of a Business Improvement District (BID) as other towns have done to bring in businesses, to bring tax ratables and community involvement.

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  1. Increase use of technology – Bring Readington into the 21st century. Technology can automate many things allowing for better use of staffing; it can increase revenue to the community to allow for beautification; it can make it easier and more convenient for the residents to enroll/register, i.e., dog licensing, submit for permits, submit feedback and ask questions to the leadership in town, and create an online signup to volunteer in the township to name a few. The capabilities are endless.  This will help foster citizen engagement.


  1. Better Reporting – There are better ways of communicating the financial condition of the township versus just publishing the online document of the budget. The published document is not easily understood. Community involvement is critical to the success of a township.  This further leads to transparency.


  1. Raise Revenue – Develop creative ways to increase revenue in the township other than the tax base. The municipal tax will raise almost 5% this year.


  1. Debt – Develop a strategic plan to reduce it each year. Our growing debt is a concern to the community. Design a way to pay down debt to help improve the property values.  (Debt for 2017 is on the rise)


  1. Waypoint Halfway House – Look to create incentives for Waypoint to identify a better location and relocate.

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  2. Sewer Capacity Buy Back – Identify current businesses and residents in need of sewer capacity and sell it to them.  (i.e., Wal-Mart and its failing septic) The township had to bond for Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00) and pay legal expenses on top as a result of this lost litigation.


  1. Affordable Housing – Work on an up to date plan, not one from 2009.   Assess options and evaluate locations that are less impactful to the entire community.

After reviewing our action plan please let us know your thoughts.  We are truly in this to serve and accomplish as much as we can for Readington. Our goal is to get Readington back on track.

Thank You again for taking the time to consider us as your Republican representatives here in Readington. We look forward to seeing all of you and working together.

Vote June 6th!

Best wishes,

Britt J. Simon                                       Wayne Borella

908-963-1661                                      908-642-6382