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Candidates for Readington Township’s Committee, Britt Simon and Wayne Borella have all but conceded defeat in a recent letter explaining their position regarding Solberg Airport. They certainly concede any resolve for the ongoing appeals process supported by a majority of voters in elections over the past two years. Further, in criticizing the efforts of past committees to preserve open space around the airport it is clear they would abandon support for the citizens on this issue.

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Simon and Borella’s letter is filled with pro-expansion talking points of court decisions. These decisions are rightfully under appeal by the Township, representing the will of most voters. These new candidates advocate abandonment of the citizens’ right to appeal which, at this point, would enable the airport’s owners to undertake any and all development they want, without constraint or negotiations!

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The simple fact that airport advocates, including Ed Nagle and these candidates, continue to propose negotiations leaves me wondering if they are less than confident of their case on appeal. Recall that Readington’s condemnation was initially granted summary judgement (approval) based on precedent that governments have this power for the purposes Readington cited.


For 32 years I have lived near the airport, studied the expansion issue and advocated for the preservation of the fields and woodland around the airport. I have not observed any level of successful negotiations. In fact, repeated and documented terminations of negotiations are all that exist. If these two candidates think they will be the salvation for negotiation with the Solbergs they are clearly missing the historical reality.


Next week, in the primary election, I trust that Readington’s citizens and voters will reject Simon and Borella. We do not need representatives that openly advocate abandoning citizens’ rights.

I believe Albanese and Heller (John and Jon) will best represent my interests. Most important, you must vote to be counted!

John Kalinich, Jr.
Readington Township