LTE in response to 5/3 LTE HC News:

We have read our opponent’s recent Letter to the Editor from May 3rd.  We certainly have a different perspective on most of what was stated and do not agree with their characterization of what is presented as fact in this piece.  In particular is the recurring theme where they attempt to portray us as incumbents who had a say in any of the decisions made by the Township Committee over the years.


Currently, we are gladly serving on the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Environmental Commission and Open Space Advisory Board for a combined 40 months between the two of us.  Only since the beginning of 2016 have either of us served in these official capacities.   By way of comparison, Britt Simon was a member of the Board of Adjustment (aka Zoning Board) from January 2008 until December 2016, or 9 years.


We have not been involved in any of the decisions regarding Readington’s legal actions past or present.  However, we understand the complexity of these decisions and don’t take lightly the obligation the Committee members have in order to make hard decisions, including those involving the locations of Affordable housing.

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We have carefully reviewed the court decisions in many of these cases, and the following is clear to us:  It’s not so simple.   As we’re saying on the campaign trail, Readington is either going to be a town that defends itself and its way of life or roll over to developer interests in an “anything goes” manner as we’ve seen in other NJ towns.  We plan to defend Readington as necessary and understand that, at times, a legal course is the only option available to mitigate a best-case scenario solution.   We don’t like sending taxpayer dollars to lawyers either.  Readington is under constant pressure to develop and all options need to be available to defend our home town.

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Our eyes and ears are wide open to the problems Readington has and the solutions Readington needs.  We are the new blood.  We are the new ideas.  We are the fresh faces.

We ask for your vote for June 6th in the Republican Primary.

John Albanese

Jonathan Heller

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