LETTER – READINGTON ELECTION – these fellas do not like each other

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The Republican primary election is this coming Tuesday (June 6) – Mark your calendars.  There is much at stake in this election, so do not discount your 1 vote!  Every vote counts.  There are two seats to fill and four candidates running.

For years, the same group of people have controlled the town of Readington.  Our opponents, John Albanese & Jonathan Heller, are from that same group of people who are controlling not only the township committee but other boards including the planning board and zoning board.

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The decision for Readington Township Committee really is an easy one.  Our opponents are unquestionably “more of the same.

Here are the facts:

  • Our opponents John Albanese and Jonathan Heller claim to be “new blood” however, they are constantly seen together with the old regime that ran the town and the existing majority committee members.

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  • Our opponents do not acknowledge the issues facing the town rather they say “it is complicated” and they are defending the town, even though we keep losing in court and breaking the law.

  • Our opponents will not speak out or critique the current committee’s actions because the current committee majority is supporting Heller and Albanese in hopes that they will blindly continue the town’s agenda.

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  • One of our opponents John Albanese was a writer for Citizens for Readington (CFR) which we all know is an organization that promotes the town’s agenda.   Has anyone been able to provide an example of when (CFR) did not agree with the town’s decisions?


  • Just to prove our opponents are “more of the same” we filed an OPRA request for their petitions to run for township committee and sure enough all of the old members who ran this town for the past 20 years have signed.


  • We caught current members as well as a past member of the township committee spreading lies around town that “Britt Simon and Wayne Borella’s campaign is financed by the Solbergs.”  This is not only a lie but an insult to the residents of this town.  This information is public record and you can file a request to see where every penny was raised and to be honest our campaign was mostly self-funded.   This is the typical tactic the town uses on anyone running against them.


We are attaching our current letter that talks about the most recent issues in Readington and our positions.  If you have any questions please give us a call or send us an email.

Most Sincerely,

Britt Simon & Wayne Borella

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FINALLY, truth and honesty is back in fashion.  Have we not had enough of dishonest politicians?  It’s time to restore integrity in Readington.  We all complain about our elected officials’ dishonesty but never do anything about it, but now there is a choice. We are asking you to take a few moments to read about our positions on the current issues facing Readington.


Our first goal for Readington is to restore credibility.  Our town has spent tens of millions of dollars on litigation and has ALWAYS lost.  We need credible, ethical, and trustworthy committee members that will pave the way to better outcomes.



We do not support runway expansion.  Unfortunately for residents, our municipal leaders and their followers for a decade have chosen to make runway length the sole defining factor in the airport saga, and have chosen to litigate millions on this one issue.  Now we have lost that battle and the courts have told us that the state has the overriding right to regulate airports in New Jersey, and that Readington cannot condemn the land as a backdoor means to do so.  Ten years later and over $10 million spent, Readington’s condemnation attempt as well as their down-zoning of the airport was held invalid and illegal by the courts.  Even worse, Readington was caught trying to deceive the court, swearing under oath that the condemnation was for the purpose of preserving open space and not for the purpose of controlling the airport.  The evidence of Readington’s true intent to control the airport was overwhelming, leading the court to characterize every Township Committee member that testified as “not credible.”

It’s time to do something different.  We will restore credibility to the courts and move away from what has plagued Readington for many years.  What the Courts need to hear is that we (the residents) are concerned that any airport expansion could cause great harm to our rural community and this needs to be our primary driving factor as opposed to making runway length the line in the sand.



WAYPOINTE (halfway house)


Our township caused unnecessary litigation with Waypointe.  After a few months of offering an attempt to support the residents’ concerns, the Committee ultimately caused a civil rights violation by discriminating against disabled persons.  At some point, they realized they violated the law, and conceded however, not before expending additional legal fees.  They should have sought creative solutions, not litigation.  For example, there are better locations on Route 22 for the halfway house which are closer to the High Focus Treatment Center (parent company of Waypointe).  This would provide residents of Readington the protections they need and deserve.  We are now left with a halfway house that leaves a residential community at risk.  This is yet another example of the Committee’s bad decision making.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING (Nelson Street Project)


The State Courts have mandated Affordable Housing and it can be beneficial when implemented correctly.   Starting out or living on a fixed income is hard and affordable housing can potentially help many people however, it needs to be in the right place and done the right way. The Nelson Street Project, on a 5 acre parcel on top of wetlands in downtown Whitehouse Station, is the wrong place to put 72 apartments.  There are better options/locations for this project that are less impactful to the township.  Instead of acknowledging the effects, our current Township Committee marches on to severely change downtown Whitehouse Station while our opponent John Albanese, who sits on the planning board, also voted to pass this project.  The Township Committee members assured residents this property would not be built on, later to find out it was untrue.  Yet again, another fabrication to the residents. One more reason the Courts say, “Readington is not credible.” We need to elect representatives on the Township Committee who will make good decisions for the majority of residents, not just a few.

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In 2017, the municipal portion of our taxes will increase 4.73%.  This is an increase of $90.19 for the average home price of $360,758.  For comparison, the County increase for 2017 was 0%, the local school district increase was 1.86%, and Hunterdon Central’s increase was 2%.  We should ask, why is the increase in Readington’s municipal portion of our taxes so much higher? This is solely due to the loss of litigation and bad decisions.

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Readington Township residents deserve to be seen by the Courts as an honest, credible, and cohesive community.  We have all had enough of the divisive tactics that has grown in our elected officials for over twenty years.  The tens of millions of dollars in legal fees, judgments and the like is a slap in the face to every hardworking taxpayer.  You have the ability to change this.

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The Hunterdon Review endorsed the Simon & Borella team on May 22, 2017.  In addition, they quoted that our opponents “John Albanese and Jonathan Heller…generally continue the townships policies.”  Our opponents have been placed on various boards and in positions by the current Township Committee majority and they will blindly maintain the status quo as we have already seen with regard to the Nelson Street development. This resembles, Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

This election comes down to more of the same – or change.   This is why we are running for Township Committee, we want to make sure a system of checks and balances is present with different ideas, influences, and viewpoints and not have five like-minded individuals making all the decisions.


We have years of experience running businesses and an organization, which has required creative solutions for extremely challenging issues and we now want to apply that experience to Readington.


Please remember to vote for honesty and integrity on June 6, 2017 with the SIMON & BORELLA team.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at simonandborellaforreadington@gmail.com or call us.  For more information please visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SimonandBorella. We want to hear from you.


Very truly yours,


Britt J. Simon                                                                           Wayne Borella

(908) 963-1661           – cell                                                                (908) 642-6382 – cell