I am a proud resident of Readington Township.  It is a great place to live and raise a family.  Most all of its residents are dedicated to have their families and future generations enjoy its natural beauty and open space.  It is their hope and encouragement that the young people have the privilege of attending college and be the best that they can be and keep the quality of life that they have enjoyed.
Almost 40 years ago we moved from Woodbridge Township to Readington to get away from the congested neighborhoods and commercial enterprises.  I believe it was the best decision we ever made.  I believe most Readington residents feel the same way.
We elected and re-elected dedicated Township Committee members to safeguard our quality of life.  However last November, the special interest supporters, Sam Tropello and John Broten, were elected and are now on the Township Committee.  They are misleading the people that if the airport is expanded and more businesses move out, we will pay lower taxes.  Now if that were true, why are Branchburg (our neighboring township) and Raritan Township real estate taxes higher than ours?  Both townships have all kinds of housing and business enterprises.  A friend of mine lives in Woodbridge Township with no back or front yards and is paying $14,000 in real estate taxes.  If you live in the state of New Jersey as I do, your Real Estate taxes are fifty percent (50% )more than the national average.

This coming election is a crucial election for our township.  The Solbergs and special interest groups need people like Sam Tropello and John Broten to change the character of our township forever. Now they are trying to mislead people again by electing Larry Lelah and Deborah Lyons. That is why this is a very important election.  Please vote for Liz Duffy and Ben Smith.

Abraham Farsiou, Readington Township