There’s a lot going on in our township.  A large
hole has been dug and enough mud slung to fill
it.  I’d like to see the waters cleared up.

I don’t understand Municipal financing.  I do
understand debt is debt and my taxes go to pay
that. How Merck’s real estate impacts our taxes
has been harped on and ‘explained’ in meetings
and the newspaper to us. The percentage increase
or decrease of a portion of my taxes means
nothing when you show me that if you take 72
dozen apples away from 2% of 95% of the 2014
total oranges left over, you get 3 gross
prunes.  Just tell me the dollars it’s going to
cost me this year vs. last year.   We need simple
answers to difficult questions.

Hearing that our Solberg litigation costs have
been misstated is just more mud to me.  How can
it be misstated when the Township Committee
informed us that the billing records prior to
2005 were legally destroyed?  The total number of
millions of dollars may be forever hidden, but in
light of recent rulings, there’s more to
come.  What’s important today is for the Township
Committee to stop the bleeding.  Readington needs transparency.

We need a Township Committee willing to work
together in the best interests of our
township.  With the recent Solberg ruling, the NJ
Supreme Court has said the Township Committee of
the past 14 years has not been doing this.  It
appears to me from this year’s Township Committee
meetings and letters to the editor that, even
with two fresh members, this is still not
happening.  If committee members feel the need to
take to the newspaper to sling mud within ranks
rather than talk with each other to verify facts
and gather an understanding of the other’s view,
our township is in trouble.  Readington needs improved communication.

The Township Committee should be looking at what
is best for us.  Fear-mongering is not on that
list.   If so and so wins, Route 22 will look
like North Plainfield if the airport expands. Has
anyone looked at what’s been going on with Route
22 in the past several years?  Over three acres
of trees gone next to a 200-year-old building so
we can have another drug store,
several  learning/day care centers for a township
in which age restricted residences are increasing
to purportedly help keep school taxes down. Yet
another strip mall. Yes, there are reasons we
need some of these, but why not do it in a way
that keeps the rural in Readington­and please don’t blame it on an airport.

Would new people on the committee need help
getting up to speed?  Of course.  There are
people with experience on the various committees
who have the township’s best interests in mind
and will hopefully share their knowledge.

The Primary Election is June 2.  Please help Readington by voting.

I’ll be voting for Larry Lelah & Deb Lyons

Bob Schoenfeld
Whitehouse Station